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Case Studies

Case 4

Arranging transportation to Europe


Example of Company E

Company E purchases products from a supplier in Asia, and transports them to Europe. The supplier arranges ocean freight to Europe, but company E has difficulty tracing the cargos because it always receives shipping documents very late.



We proposed international integrated transport utilizing our global network.

Our group company contacts the supplier in Asia and arranges ocean freight from the place of dispatch to European ports. Shipping information is delivered to the interested party as appropriate, and we ensure timely sharing of the information. After arrival of the goods at the European port, we arrange customs formalities and delivery. We minimize the workload for our customer by providing our integrated transport service.

Our experienced staff provide you with comprehensive support. We make full use of our unique agency network and the Sumitomo Warehouse Group network, including in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom where we have offices, and we arrange transportation not only within Europe but also from Europe to the rest of the world and from the rest of the world to Europe.