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Case Studies

Case 7

Export logistics center


Example of Company H

Company H provides products to North/Central/South America, Africa and the Middle East. It takes a long time to transport goods from Japan to the east-coast ports of the USA or to Central and South America and Africa, so it would like to have some stock in a third country in order to shorten transit times to these destinations and also to supply other areas.



We proposed the non-resident inventory operation at our warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium.

The goods are stored as bonded stock in the warehouse with no time limitation.

We can arrange re-export customs formalities and we can ship the goods from Belgium to non-EU countries as well as to customers inside the EU. As Europe is a closer location to North/Central/South America and Africa than Japan is, our warehouse can be used as a logistics HUB for export.

Case Study - Case 7