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Case Studies

Case 3

Consignment stock owned by Japanese headquarters


Example of Company D

Company D is a subsidiary of a Japanese company and is established in Germany. Company D imported goods from Japan and sold goods to its customers in Europe. Company D was requested by its customers to hold stock in Europe, but this was not easy because company D is small-sized and has limited financial resources and manpower.



We proposed the scheme of consignment stock owned by the Japanese headquarters which utilized our Antwerp warehouse.

This means that the logistics costs are borne by the Japanese headquarters instead of the subsidiary in Europe. In this scheme, the Japanese headquarters of company D had consignment stock in Antwerp and was an importer that utilized the Belgian Limited Fiscal Representative System, and company D was also involved in the flow of trade. As a result, company D was able to reduce its logistics costs and logistics operations, and was also able to concentrate on its sales activities in Europe.

  • We are pleased to handle stock operations even if they are low-volume operations.
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