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Case Studies

Case 1

Consignment stock / Non-resident inventory in Europe


Example of Company A

Company A is a company established in Singapore. Company A export goods from Singapore and sells goods to customers in the EU. Company A wanted to have stock in Europe, but did not have any entities in Europe.

Example of Company B

Company B is a subsidiary of a Japanese company and is established in the UK. Company B had stock in the UK and sold the goods from its UK warehouse to its customers, but most of the customers were located in EU member countries. Company B wanted to have  stock in EU member countries.



We proposed the consignment stock / non-resident inventory operation at our warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium.

A company which is not established in Belgium may nevertheless have stock in Belgium. With a stock operation in Antwerp, both companies A and B were able to shorten the transit time for deliveries, and this resulted in satisfied customers.

  • Antwerp is located at the heart of Europe’s largest consumer market (e.g. Northwest England, Greater London, Benelux, southern Germany, German Rhineland, Alsace-Moselle France, Switzerland, and northern Italy.) It provides good access to the European market.
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